Sakusei Byoutou The Animation episode 1


Yamada was hospitalized with a complicated fracture of both hands.
He had a certain “chronic condition”.
It was a strange illness that caused severe pain in the testicles if it was not ejaculated once every three hours.
During his hospitalization, his “treatment”, in which he cannot use both hands, will be handled by the nurses in the ward.
However, this hospital was a hellish hospital rumored to have the worst nurses working …!
Tachibana was the first person in charge of Yamada.
Yamada receives an inorganic and clerical “treatment” while receiving her disgustful gaze from her first meeting.
However, in order to ejaculate continuously, “various stimuli” are inevitably required.
Tachibana tries to “treat” in various ways by hitting Yamada with his tongue.
The act gradually escalated …!