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Living Sex Toy Delivery episode 3

Shuji, who has a part-time job when moving, is put to sleep by medicine and a large amount of semen is collected. And he is even targeted for life. It was called a “sexual feast” where women gathered. Shuji takes in Yuka at the bottom and begins revenge on the women. A young elite, Ayame Saijo, who graduated from the American medical school at the age of 14, was bought by Ayame Tokudaiji and was funded by Tokudaiji Pharmaceutical. The propensity of such a talented woman was a homosexual masochist. She became Ayame Tokudaiji’s ○○ and also enjoyed bondage play with her students in the laboratory. Shuji hangs a naked aquarium on a huge aquarium. Sakai is pushed down from her head into the aquarium. After Shuji’s relentless torture blame, he confessed that the mastermind of “Sexual Feast” was Ayame Tokudaiji, and reached the climax. The next day, in front of the university gate, a figure of Sakai who is tied up naked in a cardboard box and has a gag and an anal vibrator inserted is found. And Yuka who pretends to be her business trip SM girl and conducts an undercover investigation at her last prey, Tokudaiji Ayame’s house. What Yuka discovered there was a huge refrigerator and a personal computer. She steals data from her computer and reports it to Shuji. The data was information on a number of men and semen collected from them. Shuji burns in the final revenge. And what is the purpose of semen collection of the mastermind, Tokudaiji Ayame, and its conspiracy?