Sakusei Byoutou The Animation episode 4


After enduring a nightmare of a hospital stay that included constant sperm extractions, Yamada found himself under the care of the apathetic nurse Hiramatsu. With absolutely no motivation and zero interest in Yamada, Hiramatsu half-heartedly tended to him, pressing her crotch against him while continuously playing with her phone. After treating Yamada, she would carelessly leave his underwear behind and bring snacks and magazines to his bed without even bothering to process his semen. When it came time to give him a footjob, she didn’t even spare him a glance. Yamada was furious at Hiramatsu’s attitude, but he had no choice but to release his accumulated sperm. Hiramatsu eventually fell asleep on Yamada’s bed, giving him permission to do whatever he wanted with her body, including using her huge breasts and genitals. “Next time you’re asleep, just do whatever you want with me,” she said.