Oni Chichi: Kakeeshon episode 1

Mmm, I was so happy to ski in the winter mountains, but I wondered why I was in distress off the course.
In addition, Kuzu attacks the cave with a lot of good things about being alone, and it’s the same as usual.
Even though it’s ski wear, I’m forced to hang it down and approach it, and even though it’s gloves, I’m telling Airi to handle it as it is.
Because there is a ski resort near my relatives I visited in the summer, I used to come here when I was little …

Hmm, I used to be a kid when I was little, but when I was kidding, a woman I knew appeared and talked a lot about his old days …
Hmm, crap has always been crap.
…… But that older sister had a strange feeling …

It’s supposed to be older than him, but it only looks like Airi, and it’s like that …
What a surprise … it was, Hun.

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