Anoko to Iikoto episode 1


School lunch break. Erotic talk that will be unfolded as a matter of course if boys around the age are gathered. In front of Ogoshi, two friends are blooming on their boobs talk.
Eventually, the talk between the two escalated and began to talk about Takida’s chest, a classmate.
Takida was in a position where he could hear Ogoshi’s conversation, but she seemed to be absorbed in operating the smartphone and she was unresponsive.
One of my friends talks to Ogoshi, who doesn’t often participate in conversations. Ogoshi says that there is something wrong with Takida’s chest, as if he were pouring water on the two who praised Takida’s chest.
When I try to talk about the reason for the discomfort, I am hindered by the attention of Takida who was listening to the conversation. The place opened there, but Ogoshi was called by Takida to the back of the school building after school.
After school, Ogoshi is anxious when he is called for no apparent reason, and Takida asks about the feeling of discomfort in his chest. While flirting with Takida’s power, Ogoshi explains that Takida’s usual posture is not like a person with big breasts.
After hearing Ogoshi’s explanation, Takida takes Ogoshi’s hand and guides her to her own chest, confessing that she is cheating on the size of her chest with a pad. Takida has told Ogoshi to touch her breasts as a condition to stop this.
Ogoshi says he keeps it secret even if he doesn’t do that, but Takida, who was listening to the conversation during the day, says he can’t trust Ogoshi, who has no merit to keep the secret. Seeing Takida’s desperate attitude, Ogoshi decides to touch Takida’s chest.
And Ogoshi reached for Takida’s chest hidden in the pad.