Anoko to Iikoto episode 2


On a holiday in the afternoon, Ami managed to operate her PC to kill time. So she got the right answer to her brother who came into the room.
She overheard it once, but Ami felt like she heard a word that her brother didn’t like to call her sister to have sex with her brother to confirm. Turn around. But where her brother was supposed to be, her clothes were taken off, and her brother was trying to dive into Ami naked.
Ami avoids the crisis in front of her with a body blow for the time being, and she calms down and asks her brother about her situation.
According to her brother, she will have an off-party with a girl she met online, and she may have sex with her.
She says she wants Ami to practice sex because she’s a virgin and she doesn’t fail.
She’s so stupid that Ami tries to kick her brother out of her room by kicking her brother. Her brother persistently eats down.
Ami, who lost her roots, set a certain condition, and when she cleared it, she decided to have sex.
The condition was that her brother endure Ami’s footjob for 5 minutes. She’s Ami, she can’t stand her virgin brother, she’s squeezing high …