Houkago no Yuutousei episode 3


“Curiosity of the deep window”
Yurako Izumi who has transferred to the city.
Her Moriyama succeeded in making her first confession in her life, as if embodying the coolness of her countryside and her rustic nature.
Chastity was protected by the family of a considerable celebrity that everyone knows locally, but his boyfriend could not do it and he was frustrated.
Since the two of them started dating, every day dating is a relationship that satisfies only the sexual desire of the name.

“Classes Necessary for Honor Students”
Mikage Hinamachi is a super-honor student raised in a greenhouse who attends a young lady’s school in the city.
At the girls’ school, everyone is oppressed and there are no boys even if they want to have H, and there are dangers in compensated dating and picking up, and in some cases it will hurt in the future, so I decided to hire a tutor.
I asked her teacher to act as a boyfriend during her tutoring time.
Her preparation and review will be done thoroughly, and her study will be a time of just sex education.