Floating Material episode 1


Iho Kirisaki and Shun Osaka had an immoral relationship between students and teachers, but lovers.
However, by chance, her friend Himari Kamisato finds Iho and Shun hugging each other.
She had a faint love for Himari from the time she met her. The expression of a woman that Iho, a
dojikko lady who usually talks happily and burns nosy, shows for the first time, and Shun who shows her face as a man instead of a teacher, pushing up Iho from behind.
…… Iho-chan and Shun-sensei … “Himari can’t take her eyes off the sights that shouldn’t be seen.
Her immovable Himari slowly slides her hands over her chest and her mons pubis, as if to see her body blaze.
“Don’t look … this … no …”

… Iho, as usual, is worried about Himari’s depression, even though she wasn’t aware of it.
“Himari? What happened? ”Iho calls out with a worried look.
However, Himari couldn’t see her face properly and couldn’t meet Shun … she rushed to the health room alone …
“Iho-chan, the same as usual … yesterday Himari, who remembers Iho
yesterday, felt her body burning.