Floating Material episode 2


Himari has become a squirrel who witnesses the activities of Iho and Shun up close.
Perhaps she helped her excitement, Himari was confronting Shun with her cell phone in an unpopular library.
What is projected is the appearance of Iho and Shun hugging each other naked. However, the expression seemed to be groaning, and it seemed that a small child was snarling.
“I can do this much …” She
embarrassedly crawls her hands in the crotch of Shun, who is out of balance and supports a board that is about to collapse, and has a shape that sticks out in front of her. Himari muttered.
Himari’s slowly rubbing hands became fierce, and she still contained Shun’s bare meat stick in her mouth ………

a moment in the common room. Iho, who was enjoying her time, was suddenly called out and she dropped her book in a hurry. Iho refuses Shun’s hand when he tries to pick it up, but Shun takes his hand …
“No, no … what a place like this …”
He put his lips on top of Shun, who slowly approached him.
In a shared place where no one was there, unlike the dignified usual Iho, the breasts that spilled from the uniform that had been lifted up were shaken and on the chair that everyone used … Boldly lit limbs were bounced … ……