Bi-chiku Beach: Nangoku Nyuujoku Satsueikai episode 1


Ryo mixes with the fans and points the camera at Kaede in a school swimsuit. Every time Ryo releases the shutter, Kaede shakes her body and wets her dick.
After the photo session, Kaede, who is alone with Ryo and her, is half off her swimsuit by him. Reaching for Kaede’s crotch where her boobs are rubbed as Ryo is being rubbed …

[Nagisa Sena]
Nagisa dressed in a rugged swimsuit at the photo session, was taking a provocative pose in front of the fans. When Ryo releases the shutter, Nagisa trembles with excitement.
Ryo grabs her chest from under the swimsuit to Nagisa who behaves so that the fans don’t realize it !?

[Nanaumi Hoshizaki]
Before the photo session of Nanami, I was looking down at Ochinchin, who had an erection in the shade of a rock. Nanami lifts up her swimsuit and begins fucking as Ryo tells her.
Ryo releases the shutter to Nanami, who moves her chest unpleasantly. At that moment, Nanami’s body reacts with Bikuri … Ryo, who is not satisfied with fucking, puts Nanami on the rock wall from behind … !!