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Katsuko Kurose, a female teacher of Katabuzu who seriously faces students under her belief.
The man who loved her for the first time was her student, Jun, who was a work-oriented woman who had reached her thirty as her virgin.

Katsuko, a romance beginner, has a bullish and strict personality that gets in the way and sometimes gives off unexpected words.
Even so, the distance between Jun and Jun gradually approaches, and Katsuko and Jun’s “secret love” slowly deepens.

And her pure birthday. The two are united for the first time in Katsuko’s room, one of the few places where she can meet her in secret.
I was able to dedicate her first time to my loved one … However, that was important for them, and I felt the deepening of their ties.

However, one day, the appearance of the two who had a secret meeting at the school is witnessed by Shinohara, a pure classmate.
Shinohara, who visited Katsuko’s room that night, threatened Katsuko with this, and she shook her body in every corner … !!