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Oshaburi Announcer episode 1

Minoda Kutaro makes a beautiful girl Anna Nishio, who always teases herself, drink coffee with her semen as a daily revenge.
Kutaro feels excited and guilty about having a female announcer, a flower of Takamine, drink her semen.
The recording of Aya who drank coffee with semen went surprisingly well, and Aya orders Kutaro to bring the same coffee again.

However, Kutaro finds Aya putting semen in coffee …!
Kutaro was prepared to get angry at Aya’s fierceness, but Aya pays attention to the power of Kutaro’s semen.
Apparently, Kutaro’s semen had a mysterious power to improve the slipperiness of his throat!
Aya asks for Kutaro’s semen to climb to the top as an announcer, and every day begins to suck in Kutaro’s crotch everywhere on the TV station.

Kutarou makes announcer Aya Nishio drink semen today as well!