Renseijutsushi Collet no H na Shibo Shirage Monogatari episode 2


An ogre, a ferocious monster that stands in the way of alchemist Colette.
Collette is troubled by an opponent who is beyond the strength of the brave Sylvia.
Colette’s teacher Priscilla reappears there, and she introduces them to her helper, Ahsha.
Despite her cute appearance, Ayesha was a mysterious woman who kept her own pace and exuded a vaguely erotic atmosphere.
Colette and Sylvia are constantly being swayed by Asha’s lewd teasing.
“I’m not interested in that sort of thing!”
But Asha’s ability is real.
Even Colette was stunned by the sight of her seducing her monster partner and squeezing out semen without difficulty.
And a rematch with her fateful ogre. What kind of naughty things will Colette
and her friends face this time?! Even though I was squeezed so much, your dick still seems unsatisfactory (laughs)