Jiburiru: The Devil Angel 3 episode 1


Birth !! Holy Angel Jibril Zero !!

Naoto and his friends, who successfully won the battle with the demon world, had peaceful days after that.
However, one day, Misty May attacked again. Rika transforms into the Holy Angel Jibril and fights, but for some reason Misty May is so powerful that she has no teeth at all. When Rika was about to be killed, Hikari who protected Rika was captured by Misty Mei.
That night, when Naoto was in the bathtub, a girl suddenly appeared in the bath. The girl who calls herself Nagi was an android requested by Love.
The next day, Misty May was having another incident. Rika fights while knowing that it is not suitable. Naoto decides to have sex with Nagi to help her Rika …