Isekai Harem Monogatari episode 3


Naoki and his group aim for the next destination.
Immediately before leaving the village, a fifth companion, Mira, a dog-eared dog-human, appeared in front of them.
Naoki and his friends go on a trip with Mira.
Along the way, Ruze noticed that the power strengthened by Naoki was weakening.
For further strengthening, the harem of the sake pond meat forest started as usual in the camp.
“You can only make your dick hard, so make us feel good at best.”
A nasty feast in a tent.
The sound of rubbing the genital area and the rich smell of semen.
It leaks out of the tent and stimulates Mira’s senses.
Mira estrus with a lascivious sound and smell.
Behind her is a brave meat stick.
Mira wants the rise of Nani’s hero!
The scent of sweat and smoldering that men and women rub against each other.
A different world Harlem story that also invites Inumimi beauty in agony