Isekai Harem Monogatari episode 2


Naoki Oikawa, whose only masturbation was worth living, was summoned to another world one day and lived a harem life with a beautiful adventurer as a hero.
The party decides to prepare for the trip before going to the next destination.
Naoki gets free time, but is at a loss in a land he doesn’t know.
It was Tiane who called out to him.
“If you have time, would you like to go shopping with me?”
When I went shopping with Tiane, I fell into the back alley etch, suddenly attacked by Ruze, and had sweaty sex with Philia during training. ..
And the bath is a mixed bath as a matter of course.
Three female bodies who do not hide their sexual desire approach Naoki.
Another world harem with a beautiful estrus!
In the back alley !? Sweaty !? Mixed bathing lotion !?
24-hour sex with different beauties everywhere you go What do you call
this without calling it a “harem”?