Isekai Harem Monogatari episode 4


Naoki, a brave man who has even reached out to a new companion, Mira.
In addition to Harlem, she also rushes into a 5P etch with Philia, Tiane, and Ruze.
“It seems that I was completely captivated by the brave man.”
Naoki tastes the three people who have increased their sensitivity with blindfolds in order.
Compared to the luxurious Ma Ko with blindfolded beauties, the hero’s meat stick is harder.
Even if they are blindfolded by the counterattack of the beautiful women, the power of the hero will not decline.
The pleasure of being blocked and stronger, and the girls who actively shake their hips, are all the driving forces for ejaculation.
And a party working hard to further strengthen in front of strong enemies.
The voices of four people echo in the pure forest.
Semen drips on the swaying breasts, the splattering love juice, and the soft skin of the beautiful women. Congratulations on this wonderful harem!
Continuous vaginal cum shot sex with 4 heroines to crush tough monsters
Sharper than the sword’s tip. Greater than the impact of lightning.
Shake your hips faster than you can shoot a bow!