Isekai Harem Monogatari episode 1


Naoki Oikawa is an ordinary young man whose only masturbation is worth living.
One day, he was summoned to another world by a mysterious power.
He was summoned by the swordfighter Philia, the monk Bhikkhu, and the elf Luze.
Naoki, who was called a brave man by three beautiful women, has a mission,
“The brave man has a special power. It is the power to raise the potential of a woman with semen.
” The swordsman shakes his chest and the big-breasted priest heals the cock with a fucking blowjob.
Naoki continues to be squeezed by the cooperation of the Trinity.
Can he live in this world after becoming a harem hero, turning from just a masturbation madness?
Life in a different world starting from erotic, opening!
The semen that jumped out vigorously transcends time and space !!
The dull hero who is masturbating every day becomes a harem in a different world !?