Dream Note episode 1


–DreamNote. It’s a black notebook that has the power to make a woman do what she wants.
Masaya plays the tutor of a good young man and uses the power of his notebook to realize his desires.
The first person to be struck by the poisonous fangs was Masaya’s student, Honor Student “Yumi Takanashi.”

“While being taught by a tutor, Yumi Hidaka, she is in heat and her virginity is robbed by her teacher.”
Grace is a student Masaya had a desire for.
She is beautiful and has a good style, but she is Ubu and unfamiliar with men.
She’s the perfect companion to get crazy with the power of her notebook.
And what was written in the notebook was realized.

“Why … I feel this is a bad thing …!”

Grace shouts while being robbed of her virginity.
As long as there are notes, there is nothing to stop Masaya.
And Masaya aims at the women of the Takanashi family.
Shiori, a cheeky and graceful younger sister who always sees herself as an enemy.
Misako, a beautiful married woman who unknowingly throws a pheromone over her body.
Using the power of her notebook, she repeats training with ○○.

The women of the Takanashi family who have been captured by the irresistible power.
What will happen to them at the end of unimaginable pleasure and ○○ …