Ruins Seeker episode 2


It’s time to get real and dive into the epic saga of Quem’s adventure with the Tragic Outlaw. in this town where legends be flyin’, there’s this boss tale ’bout the “Tragic Outlaw,” and Quem couldn’t resist gettin’ caught up in all that hype. She got a heart big enough to rock the whole block. Quem and Vice White meets a random injured guy. Quem, bein’ the righteous soul she are, decided to lend a hand to Ribaston, some random dude they bumped into at Heaven’s Ladder. Quem was like, “Yeah, sure, why not? I gotchu, fam!” She couldn’t resist helpin’ out, ’cause that’s just who she are, always lookin’ out for others.  But hold up, things took a turn for the gnarly, my peeps. Our hero found themselves in a fierce battle against some serious foes, all thanks to the cursed vibes messin’ with ’em. And guess what? Vice White, in her quest for info, got caught up in the mix too.