Renseijutsushi Collet no H na Shibo Shirage Monogatari episode 4


As the alchemical sorceress Colette made her way to the guild to accept another quest, a person suddenly appeared before her, bursting into laughter. It was Emilia, a self-proclaimed genius sorceress, who persistently tried to recruit Colette into her party. However, just as the situation seemed to escalate, a stunningly beautiful young woman named Chris-chan appeared on the scene. Clad in a provocative outfit that accentuated her every curve, Chris-chan gracefully approached Colette, driving away the persistent Emilia. It was clear that Chris-chan had ultirior motives towards Colette. Despite Colette initially mistaking her for a girl, she soon discovered that Chris-chan was actually a boy. Chris-kun expressed his desires to Colette, offering to engage in forbidden acts together. Will the the crossdresser Chris-kun’s affections reach Colette’s heart?