Renseijutsushi Collet no H na Shibo Shirage Monogatari episode 3


Colette, a skilled alchemist, had managed to defeat an ogre in the grasslands. However, her next quest was a challenging one – collecting insects, which she was not good at. Along the journey came Rebecca, a proud female beastman mercenary, who advised Colette that she needed to overcome her fear of insects if she intended to continue her job. As the two of them set out on the quest, they found themselves in a dangerous situation once again, facing a powerful magical creature. The situation became even worse when they were drenched in the slimy secretions of a giant insect, which dissolved their clothing and left them feeling humiliated. Despite the setback, Colette and Rebecca managed to escape and eventually met Garou, a beastman hunter. Upon meeting him, Rebecca’s attitude underwent a sudden change. With her muscular physique and confident attitude, she eagerly initiated a sexual encounter with the shy and reserved Garou. In the world of the beastmen, sexual encounters are typically unrestricted, involving raw sex and internal ejaculation.