Yabai! Fukushuu Yami Site episode 2


Bullying breaking news, fuel drop! ?? Ask the internet people. The younger sister was killed among these three sows … Hen (Vol. 1) The ruins towering on the site of the isolation ward. Three girls in school uniforms are being rolled in the building with her hands and legs restrained. The mastermind “Ryo Tezuka” looks down on the girls. Inami Misuzu. She is her model under the name Miley. Fumino Yukawa. Her other name is actress Ayane Himekawa. Rina Tsubaki. It was her sister’s best friend. They all seem to have something to do with her sister’s suicide. As a result of Ryo listening to his sister’s classmates as a target, I knew that. Three girls who desperately deny their involvement while pretending to mourn the death of her sister. It turns into a demon that Ryo’s face sees. A torture room prepared for women. A myriad of video cameras are installed in the room, along with torture equipment that I have never seen. The criminal who killed my sister … You can see … The countless bloody eyes hungry for a woman … peeking from the depths of this net … Hope to spread all over the world. The reply from the dead is a request to delete the sow guy! ?? Hen (Volume 2) The contents of the ritual are delivered live to the Internet from innumerable video cameras installed in the building. Internet people innocently make a noise about the process of three girls in school uniforms drowning in the cloudy sea. The mastermind of the ritual, “Ryo Tezuka,” whose sister was killed, attacks three girls one after another with that skill. Beast play with animal cosplay. Patience play with a large amount of laxatives. A strong cowgirl suspended from the ceiling. Every time the content escalate, the comments of the internet people dancing on the display are doubled. Every time the women close their mouths, Liao’s fist mercilessly attacks her face. The mercilessly heated crotch is pushed into the oral cavity and into the pubic area. Suspects who are frightened by repeated sexual violence. The women’s ostensible friendships are fragile but crumble, and gradually begin to leak information that is detrimental to their peers. From a number of testimonies, Ryo finally derives the criminal. He’s always wanted to see … with this hand … because he wanted to strangle … Wakaru, right? Sow bastard! !!