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Midnight Sleazy Train 2 episode 3

To the master of molester ─── Takumi possessed by the magical power of the molester train is no more than getting the name of master rice field. Takumi who succeeded in sending a young lady and a high-handed female student, a frustrated nympho busty wife, etc. to a molester train. Furthermore, by training XX, the female student Yuna has become a sexual XX who can no longer live without skill. Everything is smooth sailing, and skill to further refine his own molester technique. Then set the target again. That is Kyoko, a skillful senior. In order to get Kyoko on a molester train, she was skillful in starting XX training, but … The third volume of that blockbuster anime “New Final Molester Train” is finally here. Tonight, the mystery of the molester train will be revealed!