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Midnight Sleazy Train 2 episode 1

The librarian of the library, Takumi Shindo, is a pervert addict. Takumi’s technique transforms a woman into just a lustful female. However, based on a certain experience, Takumi begins to feel the emptiness of a molester. One day at midnight, Takumi gets drunk and sees something unexpected at the home after the last train. Men who keep waiting for the train that shouldn’t come. The train that slides there. What Takumi saw on the train on the train was
─── among the males who turned around, the figure of a female who continued to seek. Since then, he has been obsessed with the illusion of this “Molester Train” and has been searching for it. The ticket to the molester train, that is “bringing the best guests” ─── That blockbuster anime “Final Molester Train” is starting in a new series!