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Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake episode 3

Seiji Nakamura, who was hospitalized due to a traffic accident and also carried a large amount of debt.
Seiji’s lover, Ai Fujisawa, was working at a cabaret club to repay her debt on behalf of Seiji who couldn’t work because of the future she had vowed with Seiji.

The store where Ai works was a store where sex was OK as well as touching !!
Because of Seiji’s debt, every day I open my body to men who do not like it in various places inside and outside the store.
He is seen only as a tool for sexual processing. Her heart is gradually worn out …
After finishing her affair with her customer, she stands alone in the changing room of the store. Semen overflows from her vagina between her.
Ai leaking her sobbing.
“I’m sorry … I’m sorry … Sei-chan …”

However, her shop calls for Ai’s nomination.
She wiped her tears, and she stood in front of the guest in her underwear-like dress with a smirk.
And she was surprised to see the face of the guest she nominated herself. Tsutomu Kizaki, a senior pizzeria who used to work, was sitting there.
Tsutomu was worried about suddenly quitting the pizzeria and was looking for her whereabouts.
The kindness of her efforts envelops her cold heart.
Something made a faint noise in the back of her chest between her …