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Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake episode 2

My lover “Ai” is being messed up by another man in front of me.
“Ai” is panting for her pleasure with a look she has never seen before, and she entrusts herself to another man who is not me and is polluted by muddy.
No, rather, “Ai” seems to be polluted by her own desire.
Is “Ai” so drowning in pleasure because of the immorality that comes from the act of betrayal to her lover, me?
Or is “Ai” just a horny bitch?
Is “Ai” chastity so easily robbed by other men?
No, was she just a woman who was so easily deprived of her chastity?
Wait … there’s another woman who’s panting … “Ai”‘s sister’s “heart” … Why are you here?
Why are you happy to accept a stranger and get covered with a lot of semen?
Was the chastity of the “heart” also so fragile?
Is “heart” also a nympho bitch?
I can no longer maintain normal consciousness … There is no longer a
bright, energetic and hard-working “Ai” … There is no more
honest and healthy “heart” …
A man’s cock with a nasty face I have never seen To “Ai” and “Kokoro” who want.
No … I’m more excited than ever with two bitch …