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The Pollinic Girls Attack!! episode 4


“Pounding Pollen Girl Land Part 1”
Ami and Ken are a college student couple who will be in a long-distance relationship from April. I came to Waniland during the spring holidays to make memories.
However, during the pollen girl season, the park is in a state of great orgy.
In addition, Ami has symptoms of hay fever …!?

“Otsumami 2”
From the last reflection, her truth that she was in her house during the hay fever period was bored and read a magazine. I was spending messy days.
The maiden, who was asked by the truth to clean up the old magazine, ties the true body with a hemp rope and hangs it from the ceiling, calling it a practice of binding.
The good thing is that her truth can’t move, and the maiden begins to caress her … !!

“Pounding Pollen Girl Land Part 2”
Ami is embarrassed and runs away from Ken.
However, the park is full of pollen girls, and Ami quickly gets stuck.
Sally, a maid, appears there and skillfully invites Ami to her words …