Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai episode 3


Tomoya feels that the Flower staff isn’t enough to make a selling adult game.
Especially for Momoka Fujiwara, who is in charge of the scenario, she analyzes that her passion for eroticism is weak.
He immediately prepares materials and tries to give advice, but all of them are ignored by Momoka, who has a high pride.
One day, Tomoya, who was dissatisfied with Momoka’s way of thinking about the game, developed her own theory about Momoka.

However, Momoka, who has no ears to listen to, cosplays as a maid and sucks on Tomoya’s thing when it is before breakfast to excite a man.
Tomoya, who had no experience as a woman and was easily struck by it, suddenly came up with a good idea.
If you let Momoka practice sex in this way, eroticism will be added to the scenario.