Natsu ga Owaru made: Natsu no Owari The Animation episode 1


Yui Tachibana is in one hell of a crazy situation. She’s all about lookin’ out for her boyfriend and childhood homie, Kou Takanashi. She’s ready to go to some extreme lengths to protect his dreams, no doubt. So when this perverted teacher comes barging in, she’s like, “Alright, fine, I’ll play along.” One day, Kou takes a major L in a match, and bam! Yui gets summoned by the freaky teacher to his lair. You see, these two made a promise back in the day, and Yui’s determined to keep her word, no matter what. But yo, what goes down behind that closed door? Once she steps into that room, shit gets real spicy. It’s a whirlwind of emotions for Yui, caught up in all kinds of conflicting feelings.