Fleur The Animation episode 1


Shirononome is the editor in charge of the MC’s erotic manga. At first glance, Shinonome-san seems all serious and kind, going the extra mile and shit. But trust me, behind that facade, there’s a naughty side just waiting to be set free. And even though the MC knows he shouldn’t be having those dirty thoughts about Shinonome-san, those fantasies keep sneaking their way into his mind. Damn, the way the MC describes Shinonome, with those clothes off, it’s enough to make their heart race and their body tingle with desire. But then, one fateful day, Shinonome walks in on their colleague in the bathroom, and what does she see? The MC straight up jerking off. Talk about a shocking and embarrassing moment. But you know what? There’s also this strange thrill that runs through her, making things hella intense.

And when she notices the MC’s raging hard-on, she can’t resist the temptation. She ain’t holding back, no way. She straight up pressures him into some kinky “marital sex” action. You know, in the MC’s new erotic manga, she’s playing the role of a horny housewife. Wearing nothing but a damn apron, she teases the hell out of him with her shiny, barely covered body.