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Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private Lesson episode 3

Miyazawa, who came to return the book to the school library, suddenly entered the counter and began to dig around the crotch of the receptionist boy who was there. Let me suck your thing … Kanda was looking into it from the darkness of the bookshelf.

“Maruki-kun’s bad luck”
Shibuya and Maruki having sex on the emergency stairs. It’s okay today, so I’ll drink it all in my vagina … and ask for more in the health room. It was Tanabe who longed for her that Shibuya, who had been waiting earlier, hugged and kissed her! To overcome her embarrassment, Shibuya takes off her panties herself … Around that time, Maruki was caught by Tomiju and preaching !!

“Shame Valley”
Miyazawa practicing volleyball by biting into the bloomers. In addition, while feeling the eyes of the boys, stimulation is added to her nipples and dicks with no panties and no bra. There is also Kanda behind the curtain … After practice, a new shame play hits Miyazawa …