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Sex Ward episode 2

Maiko Sawada, an inpatient student, is the patient in charge of Mayu. She jokingly talks to Mayu, “Mr. Nimura is cool. Would you like to tempt me?”, But Mayu says, “I can’t do that, because he’s stubborn about that.” Involuntarily, Mayu’s unpleasant memories of her lover’s days with Nimura revived … Nimura was seeing Maiko in her hospital room. Then Maiko grabs her Nimura’s arm and touches her chest as it is.

“See, Sensei. I’m so excited. My pulse is getting faster. It’s my teacher’s fault. Please treat me soon.” Maiko takes off everything she’s wearing and seduces Nimura. Nimura desperately tries to hold her down with reason, but at last she gets on Maiko’s invitation. And he makes Maiko squid brilliantly. Nimura is surprised at his technique. Even though she didn’t remember it, her body remembered it through her experience with Ryoko. “Okay, now I can start over with Mayu.” Mayu was confessed to Nimura while Satsuki and his friends were watching. Mayu accepted it, and she finally got into a relationship as an adult man and woman.