Ooedo Forty Eight episode 3


There was another “Kira Kozukenosuke” in the inner part of Edo Castle. His name is “Koryo Konosuke”, and his livelihood is the caretaker and punishment guard of the new maiden.
Recently, it is said that there is an aphrodisiac to be applied locally in Ooku. It is a story that even those who have forgotten the joy of a woman will be regained if they apply it, whether it is a lie or sincerity. However, doubts spread because the transformation is clearly unnatural.
In fact, this mastermind was Kunoichi’s Komayo who played the role of taster. What is the huge conspiracy that shakes the shogunate and the hidden nature of joy? “Stubborn Ittetsu, I can’t change my way of life.
Ooku is my world, and I won’t let anyone get in the way.”