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Summer: Inaka no Seikatsu episode 1

This is what happened on hot summer days.
I, Hazuki Natsuhara, and that person, seem to be in harmony with each other…a life in the countryside.
While my parents were away on a trip abroad, that person, my cousin’s older brother, decided to stay at home with me.
I met him for the first time in several years, and he’s completely grown up, but even though he seemed embarrassed to meet me again, but he was happy…
I want to see both things that have changed and things that haven’t changed. I couldn’t help but play like a child.
But I am no longer a child.
The feelings that have been growing all the time since I couldn’t meet her overflowed with the reunion after a long time…
I accidentally saw it, but is this, on the contrary, a chance?
“…Yeah, okay.”
This is me and that person’s sexual life in the countryside.
The cicada’s voice that permeates after sunburn. A momentary voice of a childhood friend who swings her hips.
Both voices melt into the blue sky of a midsummer day.