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Offside Girl episode 1

The main character, Akira, who is practicing for the soccer tournament, and Nanami, a busty girl who lives next to her, set the stage in the soccer ground. Sexual spring story. The huge breasts that are about to spill from Nanami-chan’s gym clothes suddenly have a peculiar constitution that “releases a certain liquid” when it feels good. Akira finds out about Nanami-chan’s love for cleaning the dirty club room in the absence of a manager, and she is alone in her club room. Suddenly, with the appearance of Kawakami, there is a change in Nanami who hides in a locker and sticks to her body. And challenge Akira and her first H. “A certain liquid” is also scattered and docking (;’Д`) pounding! Ming’s big cock growls! A manga animation of the blockbuster adult comic spring soccer “Offside Girl” !!