Summer: Inaka no Seikatsu episode 2


It’s been a few days since I, Hazuki Natsuhara, and my cousin crossed the line.
We began to seek each other day and night, anywhere in the house, whenever we had free time.
In uniform while doing homework. Relax while playing games.
Even if the neighbors come, do not worry, hide and have sex.
I know it’s wrong to do this, but it’s fun, it feels good… Above all, I’m happy that the person I’ve always wanted to meet asks for it.
“I might get addicted to doing it outside…♡”
But this life won’t last forever.
That person will only be with us this summer…
So last night. I made up my mind and went to his room.
So that even if that person is gone, I won’t forget…
Every time I hear a cicada, my body reacts.
Let me hear your moan again next year.