Daiakuji: The Xena Buster episode 2


The service youth group led by Daiakuji was in a struggle with the Wakame group led by Ran Ichihashi. It was a skirmish that lacked a decisive hit. The villain sewn in between to visit the “amphibious” Hakuminka, but when that happened to Ran Ichihashi’s ears, Minka was captured. He goes to rescue, knowing that he is a trap, but he is caught up in a state of desperation. At that time, a shadow appears in front of the villain. Is it really an enemy or an ally? And what is the fate of Minka? The second OVA series of Alicesoft’s original “Daiakuji” presented with full of angry ○○○○ H scenes! The Second Erotic War, it broke out as soon as possible!