Daiakuji: The Xena Buster episode 3


The “Daakuji-gumi”, which absorbs the “Wakame-gumi” and gains momentum, has Ashiya in its hands and has expanded its power. While capturing Maresuke Nogi’s granddaughter, Kikuko Nogi, and training in an abandoned house, Daiakuji is attacked by Haruka Toki of “Kansei Nago Masumikyo”. It was a deposit from Nene Tsukise, a saint of “Kansei Nago Masumikyo” who was afraid of the expansion of the power of the “Daiakuji-gumi”. Who is the new enemy, “Kansei Nago Masumikyo”? The fire of a new battle was about to be cut and dropped! The third OVA series of Alicesoft’s original “Daiakuji” presented in the angry H scene! Further H scenes attack!