Jitaku Keibiin 2 episode 6


Haibara Hikimori has made a secret agreement with her maid, Haibara Shieri, in order to protect her life in the mansion.
Poetry Eri who responds to repeated ○○.
Supporting her heart was her loyalty to her mistress, Koji.
But that’s the chance for her home guard.
Poetry Eri is humiliated everywhere in the mansion.
As she is tossed by the guard, she is shaken by her guilt towards Rena and Shiho.
Her firm loyalty to her poetry Eri gradually collapses.
While she panting indecently, she eventually falls into the hands of a home guard.
There she told Shieri that her truth was Koji’s horrifying plan.
Poetry Eri calls Koji while enduring her guardian ○○.
However, Koji finally shows his true nature.
Poetry Eri sinks in despair.
What is her future that has lost her hope?
A voyeur device set in the gap between her hearts entwines her self-esteem.
Cleaning the maid who turned into her meat urinal is also the job of the home guard, isn’t it?