Chichiiro Toiki episode 2


Mika, who has come across a scene where Sayaka and Takashi are having sex, runs away from the shock.
And Mika was alone in the park cursing Takashi.
Sudden rain. Her unreasonable rain wets Mika’s body and carves her hangnail into her heart.

And it manifests itself in the form of a fierce refusal to Takashi who was worried about himself and came to look for him.
However, Takashi, who was accused of being hentai by Mika, took out her Mika’s underwear from her pocket and took out a perverted act of sniffing her, and Mika’s spirit was cut off.
The rain legs get stronger. And two people who take shelter from the rain in a corner of the park.

Mika’s anger subsided over time.
And when he learned that Takashi was aware of her Mika as a woman, another feeling arose in her mind.