Helter Skelter: Hakudaku no Mura episode 1


The four beautiful celebrity families visited an unexplored hot spring inn.
Fashion designer’s mother “Sayoko”. The eldest daughter of a fashion designer who is also a former model, “Fubuki”. Her second daughter, “Miyu,” is coveted to enter the entertainment world at Miss Campus. And the third daughter of a gravure idol, “Spring breeze”.
The four people, who are busy with each other, will appear on a certain travel program and visited Yamamura for the first time in a long time as a family trip.
It was a place that could be called an unexplored region that was hardly known to people, but it was also a good place to wash your life because of the hot springs. And in that mountain village, a festival called “Shishi Chasing Festival” was to be held.
After finishing the recording, the family was relaxed, but Miu, who is interested in folklore, goes to the shrine where the solo festival is held. She happens to hear the story of the village head and the priest who appears there, and she finds out that their family is in danger.
Miu is found by the village mayors before she tells it to her family. And the astonishing facts heard. They were invited to sacrifice the “Shishi Chasing Festival”, and the travel program was camouflage. And the festival was a spectacular XX festival in which men who gathered in the village continued to commit women who played the role of “Shishi God” for several days.
The village head invites other families to overlook if Miu becomes a “lion god.” Miu agrees with it.
Now, the endless XX drama called the festival begins.