Helter Skelter: Hakudaku no Mura episode 2


All the travel programs by the beautiful celebrity family members were lewd traps.
Fashion designer “Sayoko”. She is a former model and the eldest daughter of a fashion designer, “Fubuki”. She is her second daughter “Miyu” who was selected as Miss Campus and her third daughter “Spring breeze” who is a gravure idol.
In the village of Kanmura, which is the stage of the recording, it was XX of the whole village, who was called “Shishi Chasing Festival” and committed XX to a woman.
Miu, who happens to know that, tries to help her family by sacrificing herself, but the wish is not fulfilled, Sayoko’s mother is raped by a man who is her husband’s death, and several people themselves Continue to receive endless humiliation by a man. And the trap was approaching the snowstorm and the spring breeze.
Fubuki and Harukaze, who were worried that they wouldn’t come back, were guided to the closed school where they were, with the guidance of the TV director. It was in the middle of a series of fellatios called “Bo-taoshi” in preparation for the Shishi Chasing Festival.
Sayoko and Miu who have their mouths and faces polluted by cloudy liquid and hold men’s cocks. Seeing her dyed white, the spring breeze collapses, but the strong snowstorm volunteers to help her family.
With the spring breeze that fainted her, the snowstorm is guided to the shrine. And the snowstorm comes to mind. The Shishi Chasing Festival is not just violated, it is a never-ending XX festival that lasts for a long time and continues to be eaten by countless meat sticks. And that promises will be violated … Only one person can escape from the trap, and the spring breeze will also be sacrificed …