Black Gate episode 1


“What if I could get a great power to make the world the way I wanted?” He left a mysterious word to his classmate, Shigefumi Hosokawa, who forgave his body for the first time, and the guardian drop suddenly disappeared. What Kasumi, her twin sister who chased her after seeing the incident of Shizuku, saw, was the guardian of the gate, the guardian of the gate, to open the door to the forbidden “gate” that is said to never open. It was the appearance of a drop activating the power of the clan.

Six maidens who protect the “gate” gather under the haze to chase after the drops that disappeared in the gate, leaving the words “I need power!”, And the door to the unknown world is opened. And the mysterious girl Sora who appeared in front of them. What awaits the girls who have an inescapable destiny …!