Helter Skelter: Hakudaku no Mura episode 3


The four beautiful celebrity families visited an unexplored hot spring inn.
Sayoko, the mother of a fashion designer. Fubuki, the eldest daughter of a fashion designer who is also a former model.
Her second daughter, Miu, who is anxious to enter the entertainment world at Miss Campus. And the third daughter of a gravure idol, Harukaze.
The four people, who are busy with each other, were asked by the director of a certain TV station, Kasukabe, to cooperate with the lonely village revitalization of Yamamura.
Four people who look around the village with Kasukabe and the eerie Kigurumi Hakudaku.

Meanwhile, only Miu, the second daughter, is invited to another place and is required to play with Kudaku-san alone.
Villagers appeared one after another as she crawls her body like licking her kigurumi’s hands and feels disgust …
After that, the three people are worried about Miu who will not return to the inn.

When the eldest daughter, Snowstorm, secretly escapes from the inn and goes out to look for it, she discovers Miu, who was raped at the shrine.
She rushes to help, but her Haku-san and Kasukabe appear there.
They smiled nastyly and revealed the true purpose of the village revitalization …