Haitoku no Kyoukai episode 1


“Do you want to bully?”
It’s Sara who feels a little uneasy about the words he mutters, which is a childhood
. I just followed my childhood friend who was called to the guidance room by the beautiful, cool and strict teacher “Miyuki Kisaragi” who had been asked
… A lone
wolf who loves one person, full of feelings of bullying and friendship.
He shouldn’t have been so interested in others, but he seemed to have recently discovered himself that … when he sees a dull child, he just wants to be bullied … a part-time
Dressed in a sloppy and sloppy sweatshirt, she comes in sandals and at a slow tempo. Because I see it, it’s a pimp.
Unless it’s so dull … If it’s not in such a situation in front of me … Irritation turns into excitement, approaching her frightened, slaughtered, and forcibly devouring her lips. I couldn’t resist the reason …
A young man who forcibly splits her crying and forcibly screwed her into her tightly closed lips.
A tree that forcibly pushes in the resistance that she blocks and decides to vaginal cum shot … It was the moment when all of him became open …