Sister x I x Sister Sandwich-Between my sisters who like me too much-


Cohabitation with two older sisters (carnivorous & brother complex) under the name of study camp The story that was decided to be done.
In the summer of the third year of school, the result of a mock test that shows the judgment of the university of choice ends in a subtle one, and the main character, Haruhiro, is disappointed.

“It’s bad as it is …! I was just thinking, and I got a call from her sister, Aki, who lives away.
“Haru-kun, how are you studying for the exam?”
I honestly tell Aki the result of the mock exam, and then I say I’m going to have a study camp.

If you look at your older sister who is good at teaching smartly from long ago, you must be able to learn it.
The eldest daughter, Ritsuka, who was just shaken by her boyfriend, is rolling in …