Bijukubo episode 2


I was attracted to Ikue who moved next to me for some reason

. “Ikue-san … please.”
“No, if you look like that, I … then just your mouth.”

Of course, I wasn’t satisfied with just my mouth. She was very relieved to feel like she was in Ikue and in her womb.

When I got home, I was called to her mother-in-law, Kaho’s room.
“You went to that woman again. My mother-in-law is worried about Haruhei.”

My feelings for my mother-in-law reached the boiling point, and her ripe mother-in-law’s body took it.

Kaho, her mother, Ikue, an acquaintance of her mother, and Fumika, who lives with her sister. All three think of me more than anyone else and fill my mind and body.

Who should I choose?