Sansha Mendan Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen episode 3

Aina, who desperately endures repeated humiliation, was exposed to further ○○.
In the rhythmic gymnastics club that is her adviser, rope bondage in a leotard.
I’m being blamed with a club …
A sacred tool that stirs my moist lips and rubs them with a rope that bites into them.
Aina, who can’t stand her limbs that aches even if she hates her, finally asks herself …
Aina is covered in humiliation, but she has to do something about her unbreakable heart. ..
On her rooftop, feeding herself, the same situation that her sister Yuna once plots was reproduced …
but the horny stick that sees through Aina’s plot will be a witness. He had eliminated the students and had already fallen into a female.
She put her piece there … or Mr. Kamijou … Why is it that she is a beautiful girl with excellent grades, innocent and innocent, and Marika Kamijou who should be the proud daughter of the school principal.
The girl did not respond to the salvation eyes of the female teacher who was pushed up in front of her …

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