Euphoria episode 2


The main character and six heroines were trapped in a white closed room.
“The game is about to start.” A chaotic world that begins with the declaration of “mysterious voice.”
The next choice chosen by the hero who experienced the electrocution of the class president, Toko Ando, ​​who was a dropout, and the loss of the bondage virginity with the mysterious beautiful girl, Manaka Gojo … It was to lead to hell play.
Her junior Rika Maha, her same grade Rinne Shiraya, English teacher Aoi Natsuki, and her classmate Manaka Gojo are watching on the monitor, and the immoral acts of childhood friends unfold one after another.
Eating filth, hooking nose, whipping, and killing the chairman … electric shock play.
The act of humiliating her childhood friend who thinks of herself … Eventually, the hero’s heart is filled.

Closed CUBE, screaming “keyhole” women. Characters who show different movements from the main game.
What is the astonishing ending of the original anime version that the main characters reach after overcoming various difficulties?